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  • Belmonts Specialty Foods has a new look
    As we set off on a grand new adventure, with the re-opening of our bigger and better Belmonts Specialty Foods, we’re also excited to have a new corporate identity. We think it perfectly represents the quality of our foods, customer service and facility. We hope you like it!

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4 weeks ago

Belmont's Specialty Foods
Today is finally the day! Belmonts Specialty Foods is excited to open up once again and serve the great Belmont community and beyond. Being the holiday weekend, we will be closed Sunday and Monday, but stop by this afternoon and Saturday! #shopbelmonts #belmontnc ... See MoreSee Less
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Just being honest...May has been more of a MayDay for us and we wanted to let you know how things are going. April 25, 2022- we noticed our HVAC seemed off and contacted our landlord. April 30, 2022 we had no air flow and had to close for repairs. Our landlord decided to replace the HVAC units to avoid challenges in the future. It took a few weeks to source equipment, contractors, a crane to the roof and parts to bring this all together. During the repairs, our refrigeration and freezers began to malfunction due to no air flow. We tried everything- fans, portable air conditioners but one by one they stopped working. We lost all of our product. Day by day we have started to accomplish a path to reopening. Our HVAC is now replaced and working thanks to @dillingheatingandcooling, this weekend the final compressors arrived to repair our refrigerators and freezers. Next up are equipment inspections and then we can finally begin product ordering and replacements. From there we are going to deep clean the store and finish making some improvements for our valued customers. If it was time to give up, then we would have just conceded like so many small businesses have had to do over the past 2 years. We believe in our customers and in our community, we love working with our employees and we won't let this stop us! We so appreciate your understanding, ask that you share this update with as many as possible and kindly ask in your belief that we are doing the absolute best we can to continue to be a part of your lives. We hope to be finished and reopen in early June or sooner if we can source the products and services needed to accomplish this goal. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less
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